Youth Leadership Development Programme

Imagine a world where young people are more connected, have equal access to opportunities and have the technical skills and financial resources to lead action on social problems in society.

Focus on Secondary School Students

Our work with secondary school student leaders combines formal training with experiential learning and excursions to give students the skills, knowledge and understanding to confidently make life choices.

We aim for secondary or High School students to be better prepared for life outside the school environment and for further education or employment.

This programme is implemented during the school term, though activities outside the school calendar will be organised in specific regions.

Youth Innovation Labs

Our Youth Innovation Labs aim to offer a creative, safe space where young boys and girls get the skills, knowledge and expertise they need to transition into further education or employment. Our youth innovation labs encompass  digital literacy, entrepreneurship mentoring, leadership training and experiential learning. We aim to  connect young people to work experience opportunities geared towards enabling them to get jobs once they finish working with us.

The Innovation Lab also provides young people with the space to generate and implement activities on combating sexual and gender-based violence; improving action on water, hygiene and environmental Sanitation; and addressing mental health.

We also enable youth to organise  learning, sharing and networking events at regional and national level.

This strand of work specifically involves:

  • Training young people on management and leadership while focusing on social issues affecting society in general. This will be preceded by research to identify specific needs.
  • Co-developing solutions to social problems and supporting young people to take the lead in implementing these.
  • Identifying sources of funding and enabling young people and their organisations to gain access to the resources they need to implement activities in their communities.

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