The Lluna Leadership Academy for Girls, Kenya

Imagine a school where girls from all backgrounds have access to high quality education as well as training that enables them to become exceptional leaders.
…That is the vision behind the Lluna Leadership Academy.


The Academy aims at providing high quality education to 400 girls every year, perpetually producing leaders that will have an impact on Kenyan society for generations to come.

The Academy will cater for students who would otherwise not access quality education due to insufficient opportunities or due to their social or economic backgrounds. We are motivated by the need to provide academically talented girls from vulnerable backgrounds quality education and increased potential for post-school success. Currently, the chances of succeeding through life are slim for those from disadvantaged backgrounds where opportunities for self-advancement are limited. This is particularly true for those adversely affected by extreme poverty, drought, displacement, or those who are orphaned.


The Academy’s curriculum will combine leadership training, sports, music and arts, national and international environment.

We offer a well-rounded education that is focused on building student talent in art, music, and sports. We combine this with the exploration of the world outside the classroom and beyond. We aim for our students to be aware of the world outside the school environment and to develop and understanding of the options available for them to excel once they graduate.

We integrate leadership and management training into the curriculum. We believe that better managers and leaders can be nurtured from an early age to harness their strength and begin to develop the soft and hard skills necessary to survive in a highly competitive world.


Besides our approach being to build a school which is futuristic and environmentally friendly we also aim to ensure self sustainability and growth of the organisation through the involvement of the Alumni, the community and continous investment in internal income generating projects.

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The Lluna Girls’ Leadership Camp was a great success. There was a very good turnout and the feedback from the participants was that it was an exceptional experience. The event also received great coverage in the Ananke Magazine. Featured below are some of the pictures and article about the event.