Digital Literacy Programme

Imagine a world where all young people have access to digital skills, exposing them to limitless knowledge, skills and employment opportunities. For millions of young people in rural Kenya, learning to switch on and use a computer remains a pipe-dream, as computers are few and far between. We want to change this.
…That is why we are collaborating with TAP Africa to make access to digital literacy a reality in Kenya

Here's what we need for the Digital Literacy Programme

Do you want to support our digital literacy programme? If so, please donate the following items:

20 Laptops (After-School Programme)

5 digital cameras

15 smart phones


Please donate a new or pre-loved laptop in perfect condition and expand opportunities for young people.

The Shima Leadership Academies

Milele/47 York Road


United Kingdom


Our Pilot Project

We are piloting our first digital literacy project at Hon. Kiragu Secondary School, in Kirinyaga county, Kenya from January 2019, where we recently witnessed six girls and six boys (15-19 years) touching a computer, and switching it on for the very first time in their lives! The twelve students share 4 computers between them, 3 students per computer, yet despite the difficulties in learning, this doesn’t in any way reduce their optimism and desire to acquire these crucial skills. Over 400 other young people feel left behind, because of insufficient services.
This is unacceptable.

We intend to offer 500 children a year with Digital Skills (Introduction to Computers technology, Introduction to the Internet, MS Office, Introduction to Android App Development, Introduction to Graphics and Website designing etc.), through school-based (After classes training) and youth-led community based (One computer-One Neighborhood) learning workshops and activities.

Practicing Digital Literacy